Mah thoughts + Hamelin crew

The crew so far

It’s been a while since I posted anything, I’ve been playing Mah, painting a new crew and some other stuff…

I’ve played a bunch of games with Mah now and I feel like I have a decent understanding of how her crew works now, I don’t think she’s as horrible as the internet proclaims, but Somer, Wong and Zipp easily outshine her. She’s a resource intensive master who just doesn’t get the same value for her cards that other masters do, although she is versatile and can switch playstyles at the mid point of the game, which is how I have been playing her.

In my games I’ve had Mah push her crew around for turns 1-3 while she manouvres herself to hold areas of the board, either a quarter or a stash marker, etc… On turn 4-5 when the rest of the crew has usually died or ran out of steam, as Gremlins usually do, Mah then cleans up what remains, usually killing anything that is contesting my schemes or the strategy. I have to play her this way because there just aren’t enough cards to go around for her to effectively attack the other crew while my other models are doing so, there aren’t enough cards to go around for Burt and his iron skeeter, two rooster riders and Mah at the same time, Mah’s abilities that require her to discard a card are a real kick in the teeth especially when it’s a mid card that could be better used to hit or damage something. Discarding a card for Get off my land is also a right pain in the arse on turn 1, especially if you’re intending to cheat the initiative with Trixiebelle in games when the crew is going to attack on turn 1, which is most games as Mah easily has the ability to catapult her crew in to a melee on turn 1.


The last thing that bothers me extensively is how resource ntensive it is to get Aim for the sore spots up and running, she needs a card and a stone to get the charge from using it or a suit to get an attack, if you don’t have either of those things Mah’s effectiveness drops to a level way below where a master should be.  Hopefully in book 5 Mah will get a way to draw cards, if not a small rework. Lucius had the same issue before his changes, he suffered from how resource intensive it was for him to perform his primary function, I think Mah is a candidate for an adjustment. I would remove the card discard for her (0) actions, remove aim for the sore spots and bake the +1 ML and +2″ Range in to her attack action and give her Melee expert, I don’t think this would make her too strong, but I think it would bump her efficiency a little and let her use her cards to attack rather than set herself up for an attack. The worst part of playing Mah is when you decide not to attack something because you just don’t have the resources to do the set up required first with Let Mah handle this + Aim for the sore spots.


Most of my lists so far have included the holy trinity of Burt, Trixiebelle and Fingers and 2 Rooster Riders. I can’t say anything about these models that anyone else hasn’t, they are all absurdly powerful and versatile. I feel like in some games my master is actually Fingers and Mah is the henchman. I will say that I think Gremlins have an internal balance issue, there’s a lot of fantastically efficient models that vastly outshine everything else by too big of a margin. When I play Ressers I have a lot of equally useful choices and each models tends to fill a specific niche. When I play Gremlins 80% of my crew is the same each game, I really can’t see any reason to ever hire a bushwhacker, moon shinobi because Burt and Slop haulers exist, for example.

I totally understand that Rooster riders had to be nerfed to balance the faction as a whole but I would have loved to use them pre-nerf with Mah. Mah’s ability to push them up the board on turn 1 almost makes them as good as they were pre-nerf I guess and Mah’s ability to make them ML 7 is rad, bayou two-card is a godsend for Mah’s crew as well. I think Rooster riders definitely have a place in Mah’s crew, even if they don’t get the same consideration they once did with the other Gremlin masters.

I picked up Hamelin because I wanted to paint his crew, so I’ve been chipping away it it since the middle of June, I’m back at uni, so progress has grinded almost to a halt over the last few weeks.

Due to playing Skaven for a long time in WHFB I just like rats, so I figured I was going to paint this crew eventually. I’m not sure how much I will enjoy Hamelin’s playstyle, but I’m excited to try.

I’ve more or less painted the crew like the box art, I’ve also named my rats after diseases because it’s more fun than numbering them 1-12. I decided to make the base for each model from plasticard because I’m an overly ambitious fucking idiot, it takes longer to do the bases than it does to paint the models, it’s torture and I regret this decision.


2 thoughts on “Mah thoughts + Hamelin crew

  1. Very nice article. Looking forward to a continuation, it is always nice to get some insights into play styles of masters which are not seen very often.


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